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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 98 Release Date Released this week, in stores as noted. The raw scans for Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 98 will be scanned on the internet 2-3 days before the spoilers are released, but the final release is better to wait.

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Mercenary Enrollment is a book about how to become a mercenary. Synopsis: When Yu I-Jin was a child, he was the sole survivor of a plane crash. After surviving for ten years as a mercenary, he returns to his hometown to see his family. The plot revolves around a young Korean boy who has lost both of his parents in an aircraft tragedy.

The kid ends himself in a war-torn corner of the planet and grows up to be a great mercenary in his teenage years (yes, I know how stupid that sounds). The children eventually reconcile with their family and opt to live a tranquil life with them. As he begins his first day of school, he discovers that some children, particularly his sister, are aggressively bullying other students. This juvenile mercenary is now prepared to use all of his military skills to protect his family.

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